10 great window treatment ideas

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Window treatments have that special quality of influencing the entire decoration style in your room. There are lots of ideas you can choose from to make your windows attractive and adorn your living space.

Find one window treatment that best complements the style of your room or let it be the star.

Rustic shutters

This vintage shower will make you feel like you were in your grandma's country house. In fact, shutters are a practical way to both let light in and hide from the external views while you are showering. 

Bold and colorful patterns

Floral, roman or striped patterns can still be very dramatic in comparison with large draperies. Their main advantage is that they add plenty of color and joy to your rooms. 

Opaque panel shades

These panels have a very updated design. Their sheered transparency alternates with the opaqueness for a bright kitchen.

Floor-to-ceiling draperies 

Make a bold statement for your room using thick uni shades draperies that will assure the perfect darkness for you to have an uninterrupted sleep.

Victorian details

For an elegant yet simple look for your bedroom, go for monochromatic curtains and hung them just below the tray ceiling. 
The subtle folds together with the simple holder allow natural light into the bedroom.

Ikat shades

Colored ikat pattern panels will immediately transform your kitchen into a bright and contemporary space.

Smooth airy curtains

For a relaxing feel, we recommend the fine cotton curtains in white. They create a beautiful holiday atmosphere, especially during summertime.    

Japanese panels

Beige panels may look boring but they have the quality of hiding everything you wish from the external views. 

Coordinating treatments

Panels combined with blinds will bring you the right amount of privacy and add coziness to your room. 

Creative panels

In a gray room, complementing panels can easily create a stunning window treatment. Choose geometric or nature-inspired patterns and create an impressive panel for your room that will ensure your privacy.   


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