20 Kitchen Ideas For 10 Decor Styles

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Rustic, industrial, vintage or country ... whatever your style is, we have the perfect kitchen proposal for you (and the right tips so you can beautifully replicate it at home).


If you love color above everything (decoratively speaking), get it in your kitchen as well. 

How can you do it? Install tiles in the cooking and washing area and paint the rest of the wall in a crazy bright color. For extra playfulness, choose each chair of a different color, place art, a rainbow carpet, some lamps and, above all, lose the fear of bright shades.


If you want to give your kitchen the atmosphere of a countryside house use plenty of wood, copper, fiber carpets, untreated chairs, shelves and cabinets with curtains. A touch of imperfection, like this brick wall, is definitely a plus for your rustic design.


Do you have a crush when you see this kitchen? Take note of the essential tips: oversized lamps and that factory atmosphere combined with simple lighting elements with cable and visible light bulbs, metal and cement, sight-seeing facilities and wood flooring (make sure they are water resistant). Voilà!


Have your breakfast every day feeling as if you were spending your day in the countryside. To create this atmosphere it's best to choose furniture with simple lines and white or light woods. Add some plants, fresh flowers and fruits in sight and cover one of the walls with a floral and colorful wallpaper.


Here, the key stays in the elegant finishes and the touch of luxury the furniture evokes. Marble countertops, designer lamps, blinds with quality fabrics...they are all part of this chic and luxurious design.


Sleek cabinets without handles, a built-in sink on the countertop, black and white and faucet with straight lines - that's all you need to you get this minimalist style kitchen. Choose minimalism especially if you own a small kitchen! It will worth it!


If you're in love with the sea, here are the tips to bring the beach house style to your kitchen: pieces with a rust patina, pickled furniture, rattan seats, blue sky brushstrokes and wooden flooring that reminds you of the sand. You can almost hear the waves ... so amazing!


For the furniture, keep a sober color palette and add more volume with the moldings. Then decorate with pieces of furniture that we don't usually see in kitchens, such as sculptures, paintings, table lamps or silver candelabras.


Strong colors, natural fibers, light fabrics, vegetable prints, wood ... Make your kitchen travel to the tropics and make this atmosphere permanent! 


To the simple and functional furniture, add an office area with modern design bar chairs (perfect for quick breakfasts), a blackboard to perfectly organize the day and a place where to place the bicycle you use to move around the city. Sleek, simple and lovely!

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