20 Harmonious Wood & White Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Wood and white is a classic combination for your bedroom. Its stylish accents come from a clean design that often brings rustic influences and color accents as well.

Learn how to avoid having a dull bedroom but still using this clean and smart combination. 

Firstly, keep it interesting by adding a vibrant color for accent and darker details for a fresh touch. 

More, fresh white walls and bed linen beautifully combine with pastel colors and wood furniture in an elegant bedroom. Add some lamps and a mirror for extra style. 

White always highlights the architectural details in a traditional bedroom that also hosts a fireplace. 

A calm white and wood bedroom is the perfect place to relax with no distractions. Cool white walls and warm wood are all that's needed for a restful space. 

For accents and an elegant look, add a pattern to a white bedroom scheme with monochrome curtains and bed linen. They will look even cozier if you add knitted cushions and a woolen throw. 

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