20 Great Design Ideas for Tight Living Rooms

by in Decorations & Ideas

When you have a tight living room, your only thought is how to make it look beautiful with the right pieces if furniture, avoiding the clutter. 

To help you with the interior design, we've chosen 20 of the top furniture arrangements for compact living spaces in order to get the most out of it no matter the room shape. 

A large sofa gives you enough space to have your relaxation time when alone and gather everyone around when friends are visiting. The additional armchairs are available if you need more space and they also add a pleasant visual contrast. 

Probably you prefer a more modern furniture setting. You can choose the largest corner unit you can, running from wall to wall, where to place an armless couch. 

Another great option is to use two loveseats facing each other. This option is great for more people that want to have a conversation or want to play a board game. 

Let's not forget about the ottomans. Choosing a pair of smaller ottomans in your living room will give you more flexibility in several ways. You'll be able to have more circulation in the room and fit more people. Stools go on the same principle. 

If you're thinking about the coffee table, we agree that sometimes it isn't worth the lost space, but there are also exceptions. A slim side table can be more than enough for you to place a drink or a book for your relaxation time. 

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