25 Basement Decor Ideas

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Basements can be awesome places, especially if you use them as bedrooms or living rooms, or whatever you feel like. Whether you have a large or a small basement, take a look at these basement decorating ideas that will expand and refresh the room for you and your family to enjoy the space.

First, decide on what will be the destination of the room. Would you like a comfortable bedroom, a place where kids can have fun or an uncommon space where you can hang out with your friends? 

Unlike other rooms in the house, in the basement you have to deal with several elements that most of us might consider annoying. No matter how dark of foreboding a space can be, some good decorating ideas may help you create what you desire. 

Go for neutral shades

Bright colors have a dramatic effect, but they also make the room seem smaller. Using them in the basement may give the sensation of lower ceilings and closing in walls. Instead, you can pick light neutral colors like white, gray for the walls, but also for the shelves, sofas and other pieces of furniture. You can still use bright accents in the accessories, pillows, curtains, and carpets. 

Approach an open concept

Keep the space clear by avoiding adding walls. You can always transform your basement into several functional areas, divided by furniture pieces and rugs.   

Welcome in the light

It's true that basement windows are smaller than elsewhere in the house and natural light isn't likely to be very present. Try to use recessed lighting if you afford it and complete with suspended or surface mounted luminaires. To reflect light, we advise you to hang mirrors strategically in the room.

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