25 Breezy Beach Themed Bedroom Ideas

by in Decorations & Ideas

The magic of the beach is always undeniable. It makes you feel carefree and it's a great choice for master bedrooms and children rooms. If you wish to decorate your bedroom with a beach theme, go for the tips and tricks we've prepared. 

The main idea is that there are no strict rules about this decor. In general, beach design is translated into a peaceful vibe, lots of colors from the coastal palette and furnishings that look timeworn. 

Subtle motifs that suit the theme such as ocean animals - white fish, seashells, coral and seahorses, waves, and sea sports are always welcomed. Try not to abuse on these motifs, they should simply evoke the spirit of the coast: a casual feel, with cool and breezy accents. 

Furniture pieces are the piece of cake of this design style. Wood with a distressed finish is a must have in the beach bedroom. And you should forget about the shiny or perfect finishes. 

Plenty of natural elements complete the beach look: wood, bamboo, seagrass, and rattan will surely bring the beach vibe into space. 

Another great idea is to introduce touches of coral and red in the bedroom design. A coral pattern on the bedding looks also great. 

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