25 Creative Bookshelves Ideas For Small Spaces

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Storage in small spaces requires some creativity. Especially when it comes to mounting and placing furniture. Besides from its functional characteristic to provide enough space, the optimal bookshelf or bookcase should also take up as little space as possible.

Keeping a room clutter free has become a decor principle as well. As a result, the room will have a more spacious and contemporary touch.

Here is one of the most ingenious ideas to use shelves for a practical way of storage, organizing and displaying items creatively. 


They come with a refreshing design and the freedom to arrange them as you wish. These individual shelves are very useful for placing books, vase arrangements, photos and other decor items. 


The type of shelving which is most useful for home offices of study areas. You can also add a desk next to the wall equipped with shelves so you can easily move around. 


In a small bedroom, you can easily create different functions by using a sliding door. Save more space by adding a Murphy bed. When you close the door, a full bookshelf will appear. On the other hand, the bookshelf will be hidden behind the door when you need to rest in the bed. 

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