25 Small Swimming Pool Design Ideas

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One of the most relaxing activities during summer time is diving into a swimming pool with fresh, chilly water. A swimming pool can be the center of the family activities, while other see it as a high aesthetic element, the central element of the general residential landscape.

Swimming pools have a great decor capacity as they include unique lighting systems, special materials, and design features. 

It's good to remember that the pool is an important part of the entire landscape of the residence and can be adapted to it through ingenious ideas. Moreover, try to pay attention to the type of tiles around the pool, how you get safely into the water and how to keep the water clean. You can also consider natural stone and mosaic tiles that avoid slipping and add an interesting design.

We've gathered the latest swimming pool design ideas from those who benefit from a stunning, but small, swimming pool in their backyard. Enjoy! 

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