30 Amazing and Breezy Beach-Inspired Kitchens

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If you live at the beach, you can enjoy the warm weather and wish for an incredible fresh-as-a-summer-breeze look. And it's easy to actually create your own beach style kitchen with just a few elements. 

From extensive remodeling projects - aqua appliances, marine tiles - to more delicate accents - white and blue striped textiles - have a look at these beach style kitchen ideas. 

The ultimate decor elements for a classic coastal look is to add blue and white stripes for your curtains and stool textiles. Easy to adapt and you'll be free of cleaning stains. 

The shimming iridescent tiles resemble the beautiful sun shining across the crystal-clear water and the pearly shells beneath the waves. Truly beautiful!

Use natural fiber textiles for an earthy, casual vibe specific for a beach-style kitchen. Metallic pendant lights are also great for an industrial touch. Choose pendants with a filter that diffuses light on the bottom for an intimate atmosphere. 

A beach-style kitchen is not enough without a navy touch. To keep it moderate, consider painting the base of one counter in navy blue or choose a whole wall for a bigger impact.  

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