30 Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

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There's no doubt that tile is the most used material in the bathroom. Choosing a 'one-of-a-kind' tale pattern can make your bathroom look incredibly beautiful. 

Apart from its capacity to boost the appearance of your bathroom, tile also reflects the light, it's really easy to clean and gives a cool sensation to your bathroom space, especially when the weather is hot.

Tile is a great option to make your bathroom look refreshed when you don't want to make expensive changes. Tile is more expensive than paint, but the results are more impressive. You can choose to use tile in a border, on the painted wall or for the entire room, in floor-to-ceiling executions. 

Tiles are also great in the showers, for wet-only areas or on the floors, for adding an interesting design to your bathroom. For a great contrast, try using floor tiles that contrast in size. Or in color - light and bright rooms can be provoked with a dark color tile on the floor. 

We've gathered the top bathroom tile ideas where we included the most lovely marble, porcelain, ceramics and glass tiles. Enjoy them!

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