30 Murphy Bed Design Ideas

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When you're short on space, a Murphy bed is a great way to save enough space in a small studio or in the guest room where you need to host your friends and visiting family members.

The Murphy bed, a hideaway furniture piece is both practical and contributes to the stylish atmosphere of the room. Its custom recessed characteristics create a dramatic feel, and the clean lines make it modern and comfortable.

Considering a Murphy bed for your home will make it a furniture-wise choice and an incredible investment. Being able to free up a lot of space in the bedroom or the guest room, you'll be able to use that space for something else, especially if it's a room that strives for free space. 

For example, your bedroom may transform into a home office with lots of storage spaces when there is no bed in the way. 

A Murphy bed is simply impossible to notice when folded up. That's because it perfectly fits into the wall and becomes a part of it. While folded down, a beautiful sleeping nook appears, with built-in lighting and lovely duvets. 

Another way to use a Murphy bed is to place it in the basement. This way, you will obtain a multifunctional space - it can be an office room, reading rooms or a library. 

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