30 Best Shower Ideas to Refresh Your Garden

by in Outdoor

For those who enjoy swimming and hot summers, there's nothing better than an outdoor shower. These open-air retreats have different designs from glass and steel versions to rustic wooden features. 

You will notice that every outdoor shower has a different grade of privacy. One opt for an interesting shower curtain, others build the outdoor shower in a way there's no need to worry about intimacy. 

Outdoor showers can be freestanding or installed on the exterior of the house, in the backyard. These delightful showers often encourage air circulation and a breezy feel. 

We've searched for the most creative and beautiful outdoor shower fixtures, and some of them can be even made by yourself! Moreover, if you use bio-degradable soaps while showering, you can let all the water soak into the garden.

We would love to see as many homes around the world that also have this relaxing and amazing feature. 

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