50 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

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Decorating a small bedroom is not one of the easiest tasks. It usually takes time and great detail attention to colors and decor elements. The smartest idea, in this case, is to go for monochrome interiors and small decoration pieces that will make the room more spacious. 


Placing the bed, the main piece in the room, is highly important. An idea is to place the headboard on the wall opposite to the bedroom's entrance. This will avoid taking up unnecessary space.


Pay attention to the right size, what you wish to store in them and at which height you'll place them. Nightstands add color and texture to your room, so don't avoid them.


Avoid dark curtains that limit the access of natural light. Because natural light in the bedroom reflects off the light surfaces and makes the room appear larger and brighter. 


In a small bedroom where space is limited, you can draw attention to some key elements, but try not to fill in space too much. Using bold statement pieces like a headboard, a piece of art or a lamp can be a simple and unique way to attract the attention. 

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