50 Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

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Oh, the cute, small living rooms. They provoke us to imagine strategies that would transform them into more spacious spaces, maintaining their cozy and pleasant atmosphere. 

Most of the small living decor ideas revolve around how to trick the eye into making a space look larger. Try new decoration ideas and discover how fun this can be. 

We reveal to you the easiest strategies to transform a small living room into a more visual spacious room. 
Use Mirrors While Decorating

Mirrors can be placed strategically on some of the walls or in a corner to make small places seem larger. For living rooms, the best way is to make a large mirror the central pint of the room. Because mirrors also reflect light in a very good way, you can add one close to a light source.

Choose Neutral Colors For Special Effects

This trick really deserves its high reputation on making small spaces seem larger. Different shades of white and beiges appear to push back the walls creating more visual space. Plus, you'll get a sophisticated touch that will instantly relax you.

Go For Furniture That Has A Lightweight Appearance

Small rooms are pretentious when it comes to picking up furniture pieces that won't fill up the entire space. Each piece of furniture has a visual weight related to its size, color, and design. 
For this purpose, select furniture pieces with pale colors, instead of those dark ones and pick pieces that have legs, while trying to avoid the boxy ones. 

Use Lighting To Your Advantage

Create a focal point in your living room by adding a large pendant luminaire in the middle of the room or in one of the corners. If you add a coffee table under the luminaire and a couple of chairs you'll create a relaxed space that will attract attention. 

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