A Family-Dedicated Project With A Highly Modern And Clean Approach

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This family dedicated project - Casa V, has been developed by Agraz Architects in a tranquil area in Mexico. The building is built on three levels, using the basement as a parking for the vehicles. The basement also serves as a room for the equipment and service, thus allowing the existence of alternate worlds for the inhabitants.

The three levels are all connected through a single staircase on a central axis. The ground floor has been developed in the North - South direction, and the room can be used as a family room and occasionally as a guest bedroom. A bath is placed here independently, followed by the kitchen area which represents the center of gravity for the level. 

Therefore, the living area is represented by a space for the living-dining room with a large window that serves as a showcase to enjoy the garden. An independent structure extends it to accommodate the terrace that becomes the transition between the interior and the exterior, nature and the human creation. The terrace also allows for an entertainment use of all these living areas as it is ideal for family gatherings and friends. 

The central staircase ends on the third floor with a master room and its dressing room. The facade of the sleeping area is protected from the solar radiation by a metallic lattice born from a base that has, in turn, another sculpture of the author Adrián Guerrero. On the south side, the facade houses two bedrooms with their dressing bathrooms.

The design of this residence has been highly influenced by the birth of the family's first child. The followed pattern tried to develop the house as a place for an unforgettable childhood.

Photo: Mito Covarrrubias

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