A feminine arrangement for a studio apartment in Poland

by in Interior Design

As soon as I saw this studio`s photos I knew is one of those arrangements that needed to be shared with you, our readers. The reason? Originality and innovative approach of this small space can be for many of us a true inspiration.

With only 38 square meters, the house plan, an open space, was divided and arranged so that all areas will be well separated, individualized and mostly functional: kitchen, dining area, living area, working space and even a sleeping area. By far, the most interesting aspect is the way was designed the area dedicated to the balcony - a structure of windows that seems built inside the apartment, as a loggia.

Pastel colors inspire us feminine features through pink, blue and a lot of white. Glided details as well as those of copper align to this year trends and together with wood finishing, the whole arrangement exudes warmth and a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Kitchen area, compact and equipped with the strictly necessary, continues with a table to define discretely the dining space. Hanging shelves allow space to be relaxed, airy. The fridge, branded SMEG, is a splash of color that pulls out from anonymity the wood shades assembly combined with white. And lighting fixtures of copper shades, branded Tom Dixon, are an excellent addition.

Going forward in the mini-living area, the couch in pastel blue and pink curtains complete the bohemian atmosphere in which you sink at the end of a busy day. A coffee table with thin legs, almost invisible, fills discreet the remaining space. And chairs, type Eames, bring a modern air to the whole décor throughout their versatile.

The bed is intelligently integrated in an open library space, on one side and the other there are long curtains that hide the area designated for rest. On one side and the other, we find cabinets that satisfy the need for storage. Such integration of the bed (which, in turn, contains drawers for a plus of storage) is a comprehensive solution that can be implemented especially in small spaces.

Tall windows, from floor-to-ceiling, allow space to be flooded with natural light, which increases the feeling of spaciousness.

Neither the bathroom is different; its arrangement is emphasized by the mosaic on the floor, the rest of the room being mainly white. Here we also find glided elements for cohesion into space assembly. Note the trio of mirrors that provide multiple perspectives.

A dream home, decorated intelligent, that puts comfort first through the prism of a bohemian aesthetics with feminine touches, truly an inspiration source for a studio space` arrangement.

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