A Modern And Functional Apartment Highly Suitable For A Family With 2 Children

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The functional design, flooded with natural light, of this 3 bedroom apartment located in Moscow, Russia, is the perfect environment for a family with 2 children.

We couldn't miss the opportunity to write a few words about this residence because of the beautiful result of the renovation. According to the images you'll see in the gallery, we are sure you'll agree is a successful one. 

Attention to detail, elegance and especially adaptation to the space makes this apartment an interesting place to live in.

With a mostly neutral color palette, the space doesn't seem crowded with unnecessary decorative details. The game of textures, prints and sleek surfaces provide more interest for the entire facility.

The living area

The living room space is a comfortable one, with an elegant touch given by the personalized decorations that transform the house in a pleasant way. It's a balanced arrangement, that avoids boringness (as you might think about a space decorated in neutral colors) with small touches of bright colors, red being the predominant one.

The parquet light shade reflects the light and enhances the space. In addition, we are talking about a small space, in which the designer has replaced the classical revolving door with a sliding one, optimizing the space.

The small kitchen adopts a symmetric approach, straight lines, and glossy white furniture - to enhance the effect of light. Work areas are arranged at equal distances, leaving enough space for the worktop.

The bedrooms

The bedroom is a place for rest, outlined in the same spirit of the rest of the house. The need for storage has been solved by placing two symmetrical boxes on one side and the other of the bed. The solution are two tall shelves structures with open shelves. 

The wallpaper has a discrete pattern with golden tones and outlines a wall-emphasis in the entire assembly of heavy cabinets. Mirrors cabinets create the illusion of depth and space, so necessary in a bedroom that it's highly multifunctional.

Interior designer Krivtsova

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