Alpine Home In The Heart of The Italian Alps Strives For Functionality and Natural Decor

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BearProgetti Architecture completed the renovation of a typical mountain house located in the heart of the Italian Alps, in Bormio. 

The clients asked for a lot of wood details and the home to be as functional as possible, for a better management. The architects decided to dress up the already defined areas but took the freedom to make some creative changes in order to obtain some more functional spaces.

"We wanted to translate the family' needs using traditional larch brushed wood in a natural finish, in order to enhance the texture of this wonderful material.", the architects said.

The floor is made of oak wood, chosen for its great resistance. The cracks in the wood are filled with a special black resin, which highlights the irregularities of the surface, giving the material a unique feature.

The ceiling of the living room was plastered and whitewashed in order to amplify the natural light coming from the outside, as well as to not overload the apartment with too much wood.

The door was concealed with a library that has the ability to slide on the tracks fixed on the ceiling. This way, the door can be easily opened to access the kitchen and closed to completely hide it. Once closed, a big picture of a brown bear gets the viewer's attention contributing to the success of the gimmick that hides the kitchen.

The fireplace in the living room consists of a three-sided glass block with up and down sliding windows. It's coated on the top with ancient larch boards rescued from an old mountain cabin while at the bottom it's coated with stone effect tiles that protect the floor from fire. 
The use of old wood creates a strong bond to the Alpine tradition while the typical modern linear forms define the fresh and original flavour of the project.

The kitchen table is based on an architect's design. To solve the gaps between iron and wood, the entire table top is covered with a transparent casting opaque resin. Additionally, the whole structure of the table is made of metal in order to ensure stability and reduce thickness.

Even the rooms are covered with larch boards and have oak floors. All the furniture, including the handles, were designed by the architects.
The girls' rooms are characterised by a full-size bed added to a bridge wardrobe and completed with red and green blackboard paint 
to give them the opportunity to have fun writing on the walls.


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