Amazing Cluster Of Cabins Hidden In The Forest Transforms Into A Family Retreat

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The owners of the beautiful project hidden in the forest hills of Northern California wished for a truly family retreat that would make their days more meaningful and relaxing. Envelope Architecture created a natural atmosphere that makes one think there could have been a possibility the forest itself was the house. 

The structure of the house comprises a cluster of several tent cabins for the three sleeping quarters and a common living-dining room that rises into the forest canopy on stilts and links the wood paths and the gathering places. 

This house is special because of its foster playfulness and its conviviality atmosphere, embraced by the affinity between family and friends. 

The tented roofs and walls established a connection with the natural environment setting its sounds and changing seasons. Large and clear mirrored-bronze glass windows frame the astonishing views of the landscape and the neighboring spaces. 

Wood-framed walls and floors lend warmth and support the comforts of modern living, deep within the forest.

In this project, the forest and the house are the same because the indoor and the outdoor rooms are suspended between the treetops 
and the canopy floor.

Photo: Richard Barnes -

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