Amazing House in Buenos Aires Balances Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

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The "Chorizo" house is more than 80 years old and is located in Chacarita Neighbourhood, Buenos Aires. The house has been transformed by architects from Pop Arq in a TV production warehouse, losing its characteristics of a patio. During the time, it went through several more modifications until reaching its actual transitory state.  

Before the renovation, the house was almost destroyed. The architects had the task of transforming it into an inhabitable house in just three months, including the construction and the project planning. 
One of the main interventions in this first constructing phase was the demolish of the existing roof in order to generate an inner patio in a very dark zone of the house.

After several years, the house was divided into two parts. The front part was transformed into a store with different functions through the years. In this new structure, the shop kept the inner patio while the house’s access is made through a long corridor and through the garden.

Recently, the clients decided to do a new project: divide the original house into three parts (one for the children with three private bedrooms and a living room, a house for one of the parents with an office and a professional kitchen, and a flat for the other one).

Each house is connected to the others through the patios, but the two parents' houses don’t share the same views and have different entrances. 

The architects also included several new parts: the flat and a rehearsal studio for the teenagers musicians, a guest room and a studio. In order to make more outdoor space and avoid corridors, they adopted a demolishing strategy. 

Each house has its own style, appearance and function, accordanc with its inhabitants and the available budget at that certain moment. The patios are full of colours and they function as a transition space between one house and the other. 

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