Amazing Kitchen In White: The Perfect Territory For A Chef

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The owner of this kitchen wanted to have a comfortable and spacious environment, in order to meet with friends while cooking great dishes. The renovation carried out by the interior designer Natalia Zubizarreta, definitely met her expectations.

The client wanted an attractive functional space, that would allow her to invite friends to eat whenever they come to her house. Together with the interior designer Natalia Zubizarreta, responsible for the improvement, she looked for an ingenious design, that would support the daily use and at the same time would create a cozy atmosphere. 

The concealed handles offer a neat look - in fact, they make it easier to clean the doors. And by using the same color on the front and the base, the kitchen is very harmonious. Lighting was another key aspect, as the owner's passion for the stove led her to spend hours between them. The problem was solved with spotlights and ceiling lamps on bar and office.

The cabinets were distributed in a U-shape to avoid unnecessary displacements. Next to the bar were installed three columns that integrate the pantry, the refrigerator and the microwave on the oven.

Following the pantry has been located a peninsula that serves as an auxiliary work surface. His countertop stretched a few inches toward the front door for use, too, as a breakfast bar. The area was lit with two ceiling lamps.

The dining room consists of a table, two benches attached to the walls and a couple of chairs. The banks allow accommodating a variable number of diners. In the office, the walls were painted with mole color paint to enhance the feeling of intimacy. 

The presence of natural materials - such as the wood of the benches and the legs of the chairs, or the porcelain installed in the floor, which imitates the stone finish - create an atmosphere that invites to enjoy the tasty food in the best company.


See more examples of white kitchen designs in the photo gallery. 

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