Apartment in Central Mumbai Beautifully Binds The Lives of Large Family Members

by in Interior Design

Located in central Mumbai, the SDM apartment belongs to a 6 story building. The architects from Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop simultaneously performed 3 interior design projects for 3 different clients, all from the same family: the parents and 2 families of younger couples with children.

Each of the couples had different needs and personalities, so the design addressed to the same space with different distributions. The three couples had a different reason on which interiors should be designed, a concept far from the typical housing in India, a space for living inside, contrasting with its urban context and its social environment.

"Specifically in the SDM apartment, after a talk with every member of the family, we got a well-defined program based on the customs of each user and each space." the architects said.

The staircase located in the center of the apartment was designed as a sculpture that added more light and natural ventilation. With very subtle lines but still the protagonist of the space, it can be seen from almost every public area. The sculpture becomes the articulator of the spaces and is replicated in other architectural elements such as blinds and ceilings.

Every space and every detail meet a special character of the users. The colors, pictures, kitchen utensils and linen were specifically chosen to complete this project and to make it unique.

The pooja room or prayer room was the subject of a major investigation. Integrating the former elements into a contemporary style was the designers' way to achieve a space for contemplation, spiritual communion, peace and harmony.

Each bedroom has a different atmosphere and they have been specially furnished with pieces selected from the furniture fair in Milan. We can admire a wide variety of exclusive designs, artwork, rugs and tapestries, mosaics applications, Arab es Cato marble and walnut wood contrasting with the white of the general area.

The living room is a place where the ceiling is an important element and which subtly illuminates the area. The movement generated inside responds to the frame beams that form the structure. At the same time, the architects took advantage of the space between beams to gain the maximum possible height.

The kitchen was reintegrated as an element for the family reunion. It has been designed on simple lines which together with the materials create a serene and elegant atmosphere.


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