Beach House With Yellow Door Is The Perfect Choice for Rest and Surfing

by in Architecture

A great combination that blends the restriction of a built house with the freedom of the outdoor environment enables this house to be the perfect choice for tourists that want to rest and surf on the coastal water. 

The residence made by NiHu Arquitectos is located in Plata Guiones, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, on a former rice plantation. The flat characteristics of the surrounding geography allow for the exterior landscape and views to be framed and introduced as works of art in the interior design of the house. 

The interior and exterior spaces blend perfectly. The house is divided into two blocks that offset from one another, enabling the separation between private and social spaces. 

The amazing patio is formed by the blocks that come together and also features a long pool with a relaxation space aside. 

For the surf passionate, there are storage racks for surfboards in the living room, storage tables for equipment in the bar area and therefore the user is not limited to being outside for those activities. 

The interior design was thoroughly studied, from the exterior shell to the window system mechanisms, trying to be as honest as possible about the materials utilized.

In the exterior, the concrete allows for the structure to be easily read and understood. 

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