Beautiful Villa In Denmark Is Surrounded By Nature And Creates Subtle Transitions Between The Inside And The Outside

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This beautiful family dwelling spread on two floors is located in Aarhus, Denmark, with amazing surroundings. The villa, renovated by C.F. Moller, uses the advantage of the view and the proximity to nature on three of the houses' sides. The architects managed to organize a double-glazed interior room with skylights and a sculptural staircase and brick fireplace with enough space for the placement of various art pieces.

This special room is placed in the heart of the house and binds together all the rooms, adding an open view towards the sky and the surroundings.

Furthermore, the ground floor and upper floors were designed as mirror-facing parallelograms, creating a wide range of open, covered terraces and side decks on both levels framed with a continuous facade with a warm-tone inner lining of hardwood slings.

The villa has been equipped with special furniture for wheelchair use and a special residential elevator.  

The ground floor includes a living room, a kitchen and several rooms with direct access to various terraces in the countryside, as well as entrances and bridges.

The upper floors contain a living room with terraces facing east and west as well as a larger bedroom with a bath, a walk-in closet, and a private morning terrace. The roof surface of the garage is done as a green roof garden.

The interior design is surprising through its large tile floors, pigmented oak floors, handmade kitchen elements and especially burned tiles that provide a contrasting effect with the bright tones of the villa, creating dusty surfaces that 
emphasize the changing light intensities.

The proximity to the green surroundings is enhanced 
by the generous glass sections and the subtle transitions between the inside and out.

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