Bright And Colorful Apartment That Stands Out As An Inspirational Source

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The architects at Davidsign proposed a fresh and innovative renovation for this three-room apartment. Surely you will find inspirational sources, so stay close, let's take a look at the following redesigned flat.

The owners are a young couple who wanted a contemporary, bright and comfortable transformation. They appealed to Catalin and his team to help them shape their dream home. The apartment is located in a new building in Oradea, Romania and has about 65 square meters. For a 3-room apartment, the rooms are quite small, hence the need for space optimization and efficiency.
They consistently divided the space into the day and the night living areas. Surprisingly, the living room furniture continues in the lobby with an integrated door that allows access to the other rooms.

The Day Living Area

The living room forms a whole space together with the kitchen, and the delimitation is done with the help of an island-type body, also used as a dining room. Space is bright, despite the north facing of the house. Generous windows allow a large amount of natural light. In addition, the chromaticity also supports the brightness of the room. There have been used white, parquet and oak fronts that give a pleasant feeling of warmth to the environment. Color accents from colorful plates can be found in the kitchen, the sofa or the accessories which animate the space.

The furniture was commissioned by Mobdesign in Oradea. Thus, designers have been able to optimize each function and space to be used efficiently. The living room is compact and allow for a closed storage, even incorporating the radiator; The media area was highlighted by covering the wall around the TV and integrating LED strips.

And for the kitchen, it is based on the same compact approach, with the linear layout of the furniture and the built-in appliances to preserve the unitary character of the design. Decorative plates are part of the Andalusi collection, in Realonda, Spain. The dining area is also highlighted by the lighting fixtures that draw attention to their decorative value.

The Night Living Area

Going to the sleeping area through the lobby that connects the rooms, we will find a dressing room, the main storage area of the house. For the bedroom, warm colors were predominantly used, but the contrast with dark shades made them create an intimate and restful atmosphere. The eye-catching piece is the Edison light bulb. The furniture under the TV also hides the room radiator

The 2 bathrooms retain the functional character of the arrangement. With multiple storage spaces, a built-in washing machine in the under-wash area with a shower cabin in the bathroom, and a bathtub in the main bathroom. The finishes describe 2 modern bathrooms, visually pleasant thanks to the colors they take from the spaces they serve - the bathroom with a mix of yellow and blue as in the day living zone and darker tones in the main bathroom that remind the bedroom's decor.

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