Bright Studio Decorated Like A Sunrise Speaks About The Passions Of Its Owner

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In a small space setting, we know that every square meter counts. This 23-square-meter studio renovated by Desatori has been transformed in the most functional spirit possible. Surprisingly, colorful and yet equipped with everything needed for a comfortable living, this studio offers a true inspiration to anyone who wants to make the most of a small space.

The young owner of this arrangement wanted a bright, warm space decorated with elements that would speak about her passion for traveling. Because she couldn't find the right solutions for such a space, she decided to appeal to the help of a designer to help her see things from a more functional and consistent perspective.

When we deal with only 23 square meters it may seem difficult to outline each function. It's difficult, but not impossible because the designers saw in this studio how the small kitchen, the living room, and the warehouse space are cohesive and can merge together harmoniously without leaving the impression of an overly crowded area.

The kitchen is excellent in the context of the available space. Built in an open plan that communicates with the living room, the parallel arrangement of the furniture offers space for cooking, but also for storage. The mirror-covered wall manages to provide enough depth of space and, above all, to create the illusion that the kitchen actually looks bigger. The appliances are embedded for an extra unity, and the white color of the furniture, as well as natural light, amplify the space in a wonderful way. And because every house needs a place to eat, the dining area has been ingeniously arranged in the continuation of the kitchen. Practically, the kitchen furniture extends as a window divan and a drawer body. This way, the space receives several storage areas, but also a place to sit around the table.

For the living room, the chosen sofa integrates perfectly into the narrow space. Being extensible makes it easily convertible into a place to sleep. Choosing the painting theme is not accidental. Together with the TV and the extensible sofa, there is a mini-nice living room.

The predominant warm chromaticity makes this space look lighter and more inviting. The yellow floral motif is found in all of the house's functions, following a visual continuity that draws attention regardless of the corner you are looking at. The cheerful, light hues create the atmosphere of a springy, slightly feminine air, according to the personality of the owner.

We can't ignore the bathroom. Here, the blue-turquoise ceiling will surely surprise you. In addition, the collage on the wall marks one of the most beautiful trips made by the young girl. 

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