Charming Top Floor Flat in Italy It's A Bliss For Design Lovers

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The modern decoration for a couple and their children moving to a stunning top floor flat in Brianza, Italy, was beautifully designed by the creative team at Bartoli Design.   

As design-passioned, sport and relaxed lifestyle lovers, the couple was looking for a luminous living decoration that would enhance their family well-being.

When the architects first visited the apartment, they realized the space had great potential as an apartment surrounded by a charming green area, with windows on four sides and a multiple-angled leaning roof.

The creative team decided to draw a new plan and a fresh configuration of the spaces opening one to each other. 

The renovation included demolishing the internal walls and the old mezzanine, moving the kitchen to the other side of the apartment and replacing the corridors with a few sliding panels that hide into the walls when they are not used. 

Therefore, during the day, the line of sight from the entrance to the master bedroom is unobstructed, and with the doors opened, the light floods all the spaces.

Between the living and the sleeping areas, a new mezzanine has been built, with a light metal structure on the access area. This construction is also a cocooned relaxing space for the children that is visually open to the living room. 

"The iconic Michetta velvet seatings by Gaetano Pesce furnish the space that occasionally becomes the guest room, thanks to the sliding blackout curtains. In this area, there’s also a small bathroom (equipped with bathtub, shower, WC, and washbasin) finished with materials that remind of a snow-covered forest, to “mirror nature”, as required by the clients." the architects explained.

Looking down from the mezzanine, you can see the lozenge-shaped wool rug in the living room, designed by Bartoli and custom manufactured by Kasthall for the clients. 

The living room opens to the studio and the dining areas: the space is articulated and separated thanks to the white boxy containers that also run by the side of the staircase.

”The Clients’ love for nature inspired us to translate the irregularities of the natural elements - like the tree trunks or the snow - into geometric surfaces; that’s how the design of the wood texture for the long entrance cabinet was born and the grès micro-mosaic wall finishing for the guest bathroom was chosen”, the architects said.

Photo credits: Diana Lapin

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