Contemporary Group of Houses in Poland Receive a Strong Feel Of Intimacy And Cosiness

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The project completed by Zalewski Architecture Group includes the realization of twelve houses in the city of Mikołów in Poland. The houses are characterized by a strong feel of intimacy and coziness and are located on the quiet outskirts of the city.

The houses' arrangement is concentrated along the internal access road. The bright white of the buildings contrasts with the adjacent natural wall of the forest. 

The large size of the plot, its geometric shape, and inclination, together with the relation of the residential area with the city, convinced the architects to group the houses in a system similar to the twin buildings - congruent to each other and the plot. Because of the plot's shape and the sun's exposure, it wasn't possible to build identical congruent buildings and some of them kept their individual traits.

The architects aimed to build the houses in a cubicle shape covered with  gable roofs. They used a homogeneous synthetic composition together with the same color and materials for the façade in order to provide a modern and coherent character for the small neighborhood.

The buildings represent a contemporary interpretation of the classic residential buildings shapes with an updated element - the modernized added gable roofs. In this reinterpretation, the eaves were omitted, the gutters were hidden, there were used homogeneous roof elements and wall coverings and a contemporary system of windows opening was implemented. 

The modern approach can be seen all over the houses' decoration style. The black, thin windows joinery contrast with the purest white of the façade while both elements follow the straight lines of a perfect contemporary look.

Artificial lighting is present through small dimensions light spots in the exterior of the building while natural light enters the house through large windows placed in key areas of the residence. 





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