Contemporary House With Original Design Integrates The Forest And The Ocean In Its Architecture

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Close to the beautiful Atlantic ocean, in the Landes region, lies a contemporary house in a pines and cork oaks forest, completed by Architecture et Bois. 

The trees have even grown on the sand dune, and the land is accessible from the top of the plot with a less steep slope. The forest is now part of the architectural composition of the house and finally, it plays a major role in the overall atmosphere of the project. 

The volumes of the house structured in several roof-terraces minimize their impact and intensify the vertical reading of the surrounding forest.

The wings built on two storeys are placed asymmetrically on either side of a volume on the ground floor, which is glazed and occupied by the hall and the kitchen. 

The ground floor includes the living rooms, the garage, and the annexes while the east wing has been integrally dedicated to the owners. Therefore, the west wing is now inhabited by the children and their friends.

A spa has been integrated into the east wing and the house also hosts a swimming pool on the terrace.

In order to better integrate the construction into the natural surroundings, the altitudes of the floors, the terraces, and the pool have been defined to respect the natural terrain that has not been redesigned around the construction.

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