Country House With Brilliant Wild Views Integrates The Gabion Wall In Its Structure

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The rural house located in Lonavala area, India is marked by an 8 foot thick Gabion wall which acts like a spine in its structure. 

Therefore, all the living spaces are organized in a linear shape and the house benefits from a generous 10-foot wide veranda lined in local bricks. This amazing outdoor space thought by the Spasm Design team becomes the main living area of the house.

This way, the entrance to the house is made in a discrete way, from the outside towards a densely planted court, confronted by a swing bed, framing the phenomenal view.

The house benefits from a full-length Y-rain collector that makes sure all the watershed on the roof is tamed and shot out away from the veranda.

An infinite pool catches amazing views towards the wild surroundings. Open showers, high rooms, a terrace and brass lamps add to the overall frugal natural atmosphere. 

Luxuriant plants cover the entire wall that leads to the entrance, trying to integrate the house into nature and camouflaging it at the same time.  

The interior is rather simply decorated, with countryside furniture pieces and a lot of wooden structural elements. 

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