Countryside Dwelling Perfectly Integrates into Fascinating Mediterranean Surroundings

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Designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini, this contemporary dwelling amazingly rises up in Salento, near Salve, just a few kilometres away from the sea.

The project makes the most of its position in the countryside and in the midst of the nature, surrounded by age-old olive trees and maritime pines that transform the landscape into a fascinating and charming one.

The perfect harmony with the Mediterranean setting and the surrounding seascape inspired the architect to build the new house from Salento land. At the same time, techniques and other materials were suggested by local artisans and builders and were adopted in order to give life to the house.

The project uses local Chianca stone for the outdoor paving, large panels of porcelain stoneware for the inside floor, Acquarica tuff for façade cladding, Lecce stone for the fireplace inside and dry-stone for the old pajara barrel roof.

The architect experimented with green technology - photovoltaic panels in off-limits zones of the roof, combined with natural elements - sunscreens, low-emission glass, green pergolas, and the use of natural shade from the trees.

Placed on a single level, the project aims to respect the idea of a "Salento masseria", an Italian traditional farm type. 

The light connects the outdoor living areas with the indoor living room through a structure built from acid-treated wood that helps support the branches.

The large indoor living area integrates the dining and the kitchen zone, becoming a pleasant gathering area for the entire family. The living space is surrounded by four bedrooms with their own vestibules and baths.

The personal space of the house opens up to the outdoors through large glass panels. The open space is paved and designed as a place for building relationships with crafted sofas and armchairs which constantly underlines the connection between the outdoor space and the indoors.

The flat roof, with access from an external staircase, was set aside as a solarium. It leads to a wonderful panoramic viewing point where you can watch the countryside and the sea.

Hammock for naps, tailor-made chairs and crafted tables were carefully chosen by Iosa Ghini to decorate the interior space. 

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