Cubical House Increases It's Usable Area and Improves Living Standards

by in Interior Design

The "Cube-2-box" project was developed by Zalewski Architecture Group starting from a small single-family house dating from 1970 in Mysłowice, Poland.

The aim of the redecoration was to increase the usable area of the house, to improve it's living standards and to make at the same time a good investment fitting into the limited budget.

The main objective the architects had in mind was to reorganise the functional system of the house, both the interior and the outdoor surroundings. They introduced an innovative concept and created the entrance of the house directly from the street, erasing the tampon space between the public space of the city and the personal space inside the house. The previous entrance was facilitating the access through the back of the building, which allowed creating an attractive recreational garden space.

Rebuilding the "Cube house" also means architecture improvisation. Two additional smaller cubes were added to the existing one. The lower cube includes an entrance hall, a porch and a living room area which has the role of an extended living area. The upper cube integrates the bedroom and a spacious modern bathroom.

Placing the cubes on a previously prepared foundation pillars reinforces the impression of separation of volumes starting from the ground.

Compositional elements were articulated in order to complete the building's necessities. The bright white cubes contrast with gray-painted walls, doors and windows.

The simplicity of the construction brings the idea that you can have everything you need in a minimalist, bright space.

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