Exposed Concrete and Rusty Steel Give Expressiveness To This Minimalist Dwelling in Bogota

by in Architecture

This astonishing house is located in an exclusivist neighborhood in the North of Bogota city, Colombia. The project MR House has been accomplished by H+H Arquitectos, a great team which had in mind a minimalist style incorporating responsible constructive solutions in order to preserve the environment. 

The house has as the main signature the exposed concrete and rusty steel which are well highlighted. They are giving expressiveness both to the exterior and the interior of the house. 

The land allows the house´s volume to be read as a concrete box that floats over the front yard. The same concept that evokes levitation makes the second level of the house float over the first floor.

The interior amazes through the spatial quality achieved with plenty of natural light coming in from the ceiling to the center of the construction. 

The full depth of the house can be seen from the main entrance. Here, the garden becomes a beautiful background for the living and dining area. The large sliding windows integrate the interior and exterior spaces, expanding the social area and forming a private and peaceful atmosphere.

On the ground level, there have been organized all the social spaces in the house, the kitchen, and the laundry area. On the second level, there is the sleeping area with the bedrooms and the family room, all organized around the central void. The basement level includes all technical and parking areas.

From an architectural point of view, the exposed concrete was defined to give expression and texture to the facades and the main interior walls. In order to protect the interior spaces from the sun and the terraces from the rain, the volume has large eaves. These elements were not only designed to provide functionality. They become an important aesthetic element of the house´s architecture.

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