Freshly decorated living room in New York City spreads a charming feel!

by in Interior Design

This very first interior design project of ADL Architects has brought to life a lovely contemporary living room. Located in Harlem, New York, the project aims to satisfy the taste of a young travelling male entrepreneur.

The interior color palette is characterised by warm colours which give the living room a comfortable home feel. Different shades of blue repeating throughout the space complement the warm tones of the interior architecture and furnishings.  

The original brick wall gives a retro feel to the space which contrasts with the furniture pieces in modern style picked by the architects. Soft leather, wool and natural wood textures complement the glossy lacquer surface of several furniture pieces and the reflective metallic and mirrored elements.  

The tiny accessories play an important role in the decoration of this space. A stocked bar cart, the client's impressive collection of intellectual publications and geometrical decoration objects give flavour to the renovated living room.

Flooded with natural light, the room is bright, fresh, and full of color accents that stand out. Thanks to the efficient planning, this space is both energetic and comforting. A perfect place to return from an extended working trip or to invite a few friends for a chill evening. 

The architects completed the whole planning for the interior design virtually. It finally required only one visit in New York City.

The simplicity of the elements incorporated in this interior design project makes it very easy to reproduce. Which of the design elements in the living room do you like best? 

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