25 Gray Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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The bedroom is your everyday relaxing retreat, a place where trendy, neutral gray becomes the go-to choice. 

After cream and white colors have been the favorites for many years, this subtle shade takes its place and creates either a warm or cool atmosphere, depending on your taste and needs.

The versatile shade fits every type of decor, starting from traditional to ultramodern, and is the ultimate background for art pieces, furniture, and accessories.

A room that receives inspiration from nature

A room that is highly flooded by light is perfect for a simple gray, white and blue palette that will reinforce its connexion with nature. 

Just like in nature, the balance between warm and cool colors it's highly important for stylish rooms. 

Subtle shades sanctuary

It's a myth that neutrals may be boring, and the bedroom it's one of the best places where they amazingly fit. 

This bedroom has a strong masculine touch by using multiple shades of warm gray paired with caramel and cream tones that create a peaceful environment. 

Like an art gallery

Art pieces from contemporary works to classic compositions look great on a gray background instead of sterile gallery-white walls. 

On a monochromatic base, the art is that needed splash of color. 

Pale but yet sophisticated

Patterns and textures emphasize a light space and make it feel warmer.

The visual interest is often created by varying elements such as patterns, textures, and materials that enable a calming space of a special kind.

A soft touch of gray

Bold architecture elements and wooden insertions make you wanna limit the rest of the design features to all kind of textured neutrals. 

Tones of gray and a textile mix add interest to a bedroom without visually filling it too much.   


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