Guardhouse With Large Cantilevers Roof Extends In Palm Spring Blends In With The Desert Environment

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This new neighborhood in Palm Springs also inaugurated a highly ingenious weathering steel-clad guardhouse. The house was built by the firm AR+D based in Los Angeles with cantilevers that form a roof over a parking spot and large boulder.

The residential area under construction in the Californian desert city benefits from the Desert Palisades Guardhouse which forms a security checkpoint. The expansive views of Chino Canyon from the site informed the building's construction, with its rusty steel facade that blends in with the arid landscape.

The house is spread on a 915 square feet (85 square meters) and the buildingÈ›s most standing out element is the large canopy that extends 34 feet (10 meters) over the space where cars stop on their way into the neighborhood. 

The entrance features a 12-foot-tall (3.7-metre) chunk of rock that nearly touches the cantilevered roof, with just a small gap left below the timber-lined ceiling.

"We really wanted this boulder to appear that it was very close to the roof but not quite connecting to it physically," said Studio AR+D. "We preferred the tension created between the two structures, natural and man-made, and wanted them to speak to the other while still remaining elusive of one another."

The living room of this guardhouse also includes a mailroom and a bathroom inside. A sunlit space with floor-to-ceiling windows is connected to the attendant area, while a break room with a small kitchen and rest area make up the rest of the facilities.

The desert environment is mostly present in the construction materials of the guardhouse which were left untreated in order to weather with time. The building includes steel, concrete and glass components, which were also used for their strength and durability.

"It was paramount that the materials of the outer shell and structure be left to patina naturally, unadorned with any added finish," the firm said.

"Upon initial visits to the site, and witnessing the expansive views and natural setting, it was evident that the building should reflect the caliber of the homes intended to be built here while complementing the raw and rugged terrain," the architecture studio added.

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