35 Ideas For An Impressive Hallway Decor

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You get your first impression from the very first steps you do in a house and most of the time, the first room you make contact with is the hallway. Although improperly considered a room, the hallway expresses an important part of the personality of your home. Therefore, when you start planning, you should offer proper attention to this space. 

We are bringing in some helpful ideas and unusual suggestions on how to set a cool hallway which will impress all your visitors. 

Because in the hall space there is normally a lack of natural light, you could bring in some rays of light from other sources. 

How to do this? Through a glass wall or an interior window that allows natural light to penetrate the hallway. The opening could be in the living room or in the kitchen and it depends on the configuration of your home.

This way you'll enhance the brightness in this corner of the entrance and you'll create the impression that the space seems larger.

Be original! Are you crazy about colors? Well, let everyone know that, right from the entrance. Choose 2 or 3 colored cabinets, possibly with different depths, for different types of storage.

This way the space will not seem cluttered with clothes and shoes every day, and they will all be stacked neatly in the closets. Eye-catching colors will provide a slight insight into your personality.

Choose a colorful wallpaper and you will get the monotony out of the hallway for the rest of your life. Make sure you properly lighted the space to bring more value to the new decor.

How to be original with a piece of old furniture or a reconditioned one? Pick a vintage dresser with a mirror type window, some small decorations and you can enjoy your special arrangement.

Is your lobby a few square meters smaller than the living room? It's time to think in a functional and efficient way. Install the library in the hallway and you'll free up some valuable space in the living room.

You can always add decorative pillows and storage boxes placed on a bank; playing around a bit with small details will beautifully shape the decor.

We consider it indispensable in many homes, but we do not always 
recognize what's the right place for it. If your house allows decorating a hallway, you can also set up a small office or a workspace with the essential furnishing.

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