House 19 Becomes The Ultimate Energy Efficient Home Located In A Small Historic Town

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House 19 has been designed by Jestico & Whiles Architecture with the goal of obtaining a carbon neutral, energy efficient home in a small historic town. Located in the old town of Old Amersham, this house is beautifully nestled in the Chiltern Hills.

The renovated house manages to fuse traditional forms and local materials in an elegant and modern way to make full use of the natural aspect and orientation of the site.

The result is a house of exceptional quality although the project involved developing a simple plan and section. At the same time, this project brought together the most comprehensive range of passive and active energy-saving features in a well-considered, thoughtful assembly of light-filled spaces, suited to 21st-century living. 

Regarding the success of this project, the architect's expertise and passion for sustainable design are obvious in a combination of practical, robust, simple and deliverable design features that form the bedrock of the design approach.

This way, House 19 features a ground source heat pump, an earth tube ventilation and a rainwater harvesting system and has been constructed to exceed the existing building regulation standards of energy efficiency.

Regarding the materials used for this project, the house is firmly rooted in the history of the area through the use of delicately 
dark stained vertical board cedar cladding, snapped-and-knapped luminescent flint (used for cladding and to 
create external walls), dark zinc roof and accents of carefully placed corten steel that accentuate certain elements of the elevation. The detailing of the house reflects all these material choices.

As a conclusion, we can state that House 19 is a fusion of architectural moves, contemporary vernacular and pragmatic sustainability features and represents a starting point in developing new standards for the new houses in historic locations.

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House 19 Becomes The Ultimate Energy Efficient Home Located In A Small Historic Town
House 19 has been designed by Jestico & Whiles Architecture with the goal of obt...