15 Fresh and Beautiful Indoor Vertical Gardens

by in Decorations & Ideas

Living green walls are large panels of green plants, grown vertically. They spread on structures that can be either free-standing or attached to walls. The structures can be made from natural elements such as wood or with an industrial touch if they are made from metal. 

Indoor vertical green walls are more present in our offices, supermarkets, and public buildings today. They are also more and more appreciated in the residential spaces as they provide the best advantages of greenery and the benefits of plants.   

Improving air quality in a house through a natural way is the best thing you can have. The indoor vertical green wall acts as a natural air filter purifying the polluted air while releasing clean oxygen. This will help you relax more and will keep you healthier. 

Indoor vertical green walls are impressive. That's right! They immediately catch our eyes and turn every dull room into an inviting and fresh environment. 

More, these green walls are great for reducing heat during summertime and balancing humidity levels in order to make our lives more comfortable. You'll notice that the air near the vertical green wall is naturally cooled. 

Lastly, a bunch of green plants on a wall help to reduce noise levels! They reduce background noise in the dining areas and make a peaceful and relaxing environment for your home. 


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