Modernist Dwelling In The Hawaiian Islands Proves That Architecture Still Serves The Surrounding Landscape

by in Architecture

This modernist project part of the Walker Warner Architect's portfolio in the Hawaiian islands is a proof that architecture can still serve the surrounding landscape. Situated on one of Kauai's most popular beaches, the architects took the challenge to maximize the living space and the view of the house while maintaining privacy for the owners. 

The architectural residence is harmoniously completed, with a warm orchestration of wood, white cement, and local sand blending into the canopy of trees overhead and the white beach sand underneath. 

The Hawaiian islands architectural style is exemplified by the home’s airy wall-optional construction, that has the ability to facilitate the large family gatherings and intimate ones as well.

The surrounding landscape has been integrated into the residence's decoration through a conscient selection of furnishings that were rearranged, expanded, or reduced similarly to the cabin dwellings of an ocean-faring ship.

The layer of privacy has been added on the courtyard of the home through an ingenious copper mesh rain curtain, designed by lead architect Greg Warner and landscape architect Ron Lutsko. Besides the impressive design effect, the copper curtain also helps to mitigate run-off rainwater from the roof and acts as a fountain in the courtyard of the house. 

The yacht theme of the residence can be seen in the interior design mostly in the sleeping area. This way, the bunkbed quarters have been completed with marine cabinet pulls. 

A sophisticated palette of materials and colors such as white sand, volcanic rock, and green trees respect the geological and cultural history of the islands while showing that modernism can still be represented with respect to the environment. 

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