Modernist House Detailed With Geometric Framing Loves The Sun and The Sky

by in Architecture

This project located in Carmel-by-the-Sea, United States, received an awesome makeover from Studio Schicketanz. The design of the house has been organized around a centrally cleared knoll, and this prioritized the outdoor space for the entire residence. 

Textured stone walls merge with the controlled cement steps leading to a crisply modernist structure detailed with geometric framing. The stone walls part of the structure with large glass windows supports a cantilevered roof that offers a shaded penumbra around the entirety of the structure. 

Light is at play everywhere in the house. From the dappled light that hits the stone wall to the reflection of the majestic neighboring tree in the house's expansive glass facade.

Neutral tones from the teak flooring and the ceiling work with the couple's art collection and pops of luxurious detail like an antique dresser and a smooth round tub to offer a consistent feeling of an evocatively natural aesthetic. The indoor and the outdoor spaces flow together through the hit of doorways and enclosure. The sun and the sky are allowed into the house from every corner.  

A relaxed sensibility characterizes the house offers a softness that produces a modernist atmosphere of the rest of the structure. 

Sleek plaster cubes are settled around the courtyard, offering a different material texture from the slick glass exterior of the main living space. Views over the mountain range come into conversation with the exquisite details. The look is part rustic, part modern, all deeply-felt architecture.

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