Ocean Eye, A Wonderful Terrace House With Breath-Taking Views To The Ocean And The Jungle

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Ocean Eye, this wonderful terrace house reveal breath-taking views of the nearby sea on one side and the wild jungle on the other. 

Studio Saxe implemented and coordinated the works for this unconventional dwelling. The architecture firm has always been dedicated to sustainable architecture, so the design, the selected materials, and the construction methods are all part of a larger strategy to work with the environment.

Ocean Eye harnesses modern technology, local knowledge and handcrafted techniques to create a bespoke property that is entirely a product of its place.

The house represents the transition from highly intimate private rooms at the rear of the lightweight and the ephemeral structure that gives way to stunning views.

The several terraces of the house break down barriers between the different spaces contained within, both vertically and horizontally, while simultaneously connecting the family with the surrounding landscape. At the same time, the terraces have the important role to protect the inhabitants from the sun as it moves across the sky. 

The opening structure allows for the flow of the air to move through the house, cooling it naturally in the humid environment. 

“We feel that sometimes contemporary tropical design is either too clinical, too rustic, or simply unoriginal and bucolic. We are trying to find ways of interfering within the natural landscape responsibly and looking forward, whilst learning from the past on how to use common sense to reduce energy consumption through natural ventilation”, the architects explained.


Location: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica;

Date of Completion: 2016;

Area: 350m2; 

Architect: Benjamin Garcia Saxe;

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