19 Creative and Functional Playroom Design Ideas

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One of the most lovely gestures you could do for your child is to give their own play space where to spark and develop their bright imagination. When choosing a decorating scheme for your child playroom, there are some brilliant ideas that can transform a basic room into a small wonderland. 

Most children cherish a distinct space of their own besides their bedroom. We share our great playroom style ideas that are ideal for a fun room created especially for your child. 

Firstly, listen to your child and their desires before you start. Find ways to create a space that satisfies both you and your child needs and requirements. Try to work with furniture that will develop along with your child and you can keep for longer years. 

Include a workspace. Add a dedicated space for coloring or homework. A low table with child-sized colored chairs would be perfect for individual or group activities.

Add more seating spaces in the room for socializing with friends. Beanbags or sofabeds, they are both good. 

Plenty of storage space is needed. But try to place it at the right height as much as possible. Storage is a key element for keeping the room organized and inviting. This way, it will be easy for you to make the child responsible and make him identify what goes where. 

Finally, create a bright and personalized room. Add bold colors to the walls and frame paintings that your own child has created. More, you can add a coat of blackboard paint on a way to create a black canvas for your kid to doodle pictures, write letters or even practice some maths. 

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