Privacy and Transparency Go Together In A Modern Transformation In Frankfurt

by in Interior Design

The modern redesign of the "House von Stein" project in Frankfurt by Philipp Architekten focuses on offering the owners both maximum of privacy together with a high degree of openness in their residence.

Placed on a gently sloping corner lot in a residential area in Frankfurt, the house aims to fulfill their client's dreams describing their desired living environment as a "Los Angeles loft feeling".

The battle between the opening and closing of the house areas started. The minimalist building shows a consequent closed space towards the street, to which it only opens to the front door and the garage. It also has the role of protecting the privacy of the owners. 

On the other hand, openness and transparency characterise the building in the entire garden area. An 18 metres long barrier-free high-end glass façade reveals the view to the natural decor and the brilliant pool.

The heating installation of the pool is equipped with solar technology and connected to the air-water-heat pump of the building services. Therefore, the pool can be heated and used all year long. 

The plan was to integrate the pool into the floor plan and unite the outdoors with the indoors where the bedrooms and the spa area are located. Beyond this, the light amazingly reflects on the walls and the ceilings creating incredible nocturn effects.

An impressive element of the house decoration is the water-atrium in the building. A light channel opens to the sky, equipped with a water basin on the ground.

Street art graffiti contrast with the purist interior design, which is represented in the residence by a few high-class pieces of furniture.   


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