Renovated Apartment In Barcelona Gets Modern Facelift

by in Interior Design

This apartment in Barcelona's Ensanche district was specially developed by Anna & Eugeni Bach Architecture in order to change the conventional manner of inhabiting a flat.

Small and very specific details make the most of every corner of this space, giving the creative team the power to conserve, reuse or modify the existing elements in order to recreate a new modern space.

The building dates from the 1910s and has never gone through any substantial modification in its 100 years of history.  

The deplorable appearance of the house contrasts with the good preserve of the rosettes and mouldings of the ceilings, together with the small ceramic pavement of the floors.

The starting point of the architects consisted of planning the renovation process that would be able to conserve the existing ceilings and floors. The changes were concentrated on the areas that needed special attention without neglecting the better-maintained ones.

In order to meet the owners' objective, the work advanced in a room-by-room process, adapting the plan to the rooms with ceilings and floors in good condition. The process of shifting partitions didn't include the modification of the rooms' limits in order to gain functionality without changing the original partitioning. 

All the joinery was conserved in its original condition or move to the new rooms, respecting the original position of the floors and windows that give to the interior patio.

The generous height of the apartment was accomplished by raising the floor of the en-suite bathroom by 60 cm. It contributed to gaining space underneath the shower and creating a storeroom-pantry underneath the floor, accessible from the corridor.

Raising the bathroom floor included adding three more steps from the access room represented by the bedroom. The changing gives the flat a great feeling of familiarity introducing an element that is more typical of a family house than of a single-story apartment.

The long internal corridor is a characteristic element of the dwelling in Barcelona. The idea of the space was to convert it not only into a transit space but also into a very functional one. The shelves that fill in the full length of the corridor transformed it into an ample library and a place for storage.

Few hanging tabletop lamps give the apartment a surrealist touch while providing a very pleasant lighting. 

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