Renovated House From The 1940s Brings In More Light And Provides A Better Connection With The Outdoors

by in Architecture

The original 1940s house received an addition in the 1980s that dramatically changed its former structure. The challenge of the architects from Miro Rivera (MRA) studio was to open up the backyard views that were blocked by a heavy fireplace and some other small windows. 

At the same time, the fenced-in pool, brick terraces, and roofed arcade all served to divide rather than unify the landscape.  

Giving the circumstances, MRA's goal was to refresh the facade of the house in this historic neighborhood while transforming the interiors to bring in natural light and provide a better connection with the exterior. 

The wide range of materials was used to maintain a balance between the traditional aspects of the original house and the modern updates required by the currently living family of four.

The garage was renovated to include an upper level with the gym, the guest alcove, and a terrace. Below the terrace, a beautiful outdoor living space activates the previously neglected yard. 

One Sol Lewitt sculpture, visible from the main rooms of the house, increases the depth of the yard and provides a crisp and geometric focal point inside the house.

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