Rich Baseball Player Living in a Van

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Originally from Johnson City, Tennessee, Daniel Norris grew up around the outdoors, cultivating a passion for nature that he partially built in his father’s mountain bike shop. Norris’s childhood consisted of mountain biking, camping, hiking and generally embracing the wilderness.

Daniel Norris' dreams came true when he signed to play for the Toronto Blue Jays to the tune of a $2 million signing bonus. But the 21-year-old isn't cruising around town in a luxury car as you might expect; instead, he's living out of a van.

Norris says he is completely content living out of his van, traveling around the coast in search of good surf, epic hiking spots and rock walls. His van, called Shaggy, is equipped with a bed and kitchenette, which Norris uses to make simplistic meals over a stovetop.

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