Rooftop Music Custom Shop in Mexico City Offers a Myriad of Sensations in A Highly Versatile Space

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Located in the historical centre of Mexico City, on the rooftop of one of the most important themed stores of the music scene, the Fender Custom Shop Mexico City is Latin America's first Fender store and follows a different concept from those in other countries.

The basic concept created by Arquitectura en Movimiento for the development of the project was an architecture conceived as a highly versatile one. A sort of hybrid space that could function equally as a store, an art gallery, a meeting space or a lounge. Together with the great music, a short-lived happening and the idea of the guitar as an anthropometric unit of measure, the vivid space offers now various sensations in one place.

The volume takes the form of an irregular polygon which represents the movement of the music vibration. The roof is composed of eight sections which slope in different directions and at different angles, they generate patterns of natural light in the interiors. Lighting, a key element in the design process, was conceived according to the use and function. The mass of the building appears on the rooftop as if sitting on the light.

The project view on the interiors comprises a guitar display area, a lounge, a storeroom and a toilet room. The exterior integrates a timber and a stone platform with a level stage, framed by an arc of vegetation that directs the eye towards the city vistas. The immediate urban context, however, lies behind a balustrade of asymmetric motifs that serves as a visual barrier. The lift shaft is the vertical axis around which the distinct areas are distributed.

The reduction of the original budget by two-thirds did not affect the initial design. Instead, it combined ingenious ideas that included experiments, simplification of the materials used and the construction methods employed. The timeframe for completion was three months.

The building is a metal structure clad in Multipanel. The sturdiness of this material, its acoustic and thermal properties and its low maintenance make it a suitable choice for finishes. The simplicity of the interior floors and the walls in white-painted pinewood, together with the exposed structure in matching colours -integrated rather than concealed - are in sharp contrast with the dark painted exterior.

The exclusive furniture design and the choice of materials were transformed into statements of the project and were integrated all over the space: in the walls and the display niches, the coaches finished in acoustic foam and a counter in high-shine white polish. The feature ceiling panels use an asymmetrical pattern that is a repeat on the external balustrade. The graphics on the store front suggest a beautiful tattoo art piece.

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