Single-Family Home Benefits From The Amazing Viewpoints And Amplifies Its Connection With Nature

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This single-family home managed to benefit from the amazing key viewpoints and to amplify its natural surroundings. Located in the isolated environment of a West Virginia forest, the design for this 12 acre-house amplifies the awareness of nature through the manipulation of key viewpoints.

The large site is an undeveloped section of the forest with significant elevation changes, which offers dramatic views of the valley and the surrounding mountains.

The amazing views unfold as a sequence of events: the bridge connects the garage to the main house which provides magnificent views towards the west. The view guides the visitor inside by providing him new view towards the mountains nearby. Upon entering, views to the west draw the visitor into the living space.

Local stone and wood were selected for their regional aesthetic that blends the project into its natural environment. Wrapping of these materials emulates the natural intertwining of rocks and roots observed on site. 

The house's long shape was developed and oriented to maximize the southern exposure for passive heating, preferred views and daylighting benefits. 

The faceted roof mimics the dramatic rock outcroppings while also sloping inward to hug the site and emulate the horizon line.


Project By: Collaborative Designworks

Photos: Ben Hill


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