Small kitchens: 16 Surprising results in just a few square meters

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The few square meters we dedicate to the kitchen space are often not enough for what we want. Even under these conditions, small kitchens offer us plenty of decorating options that include all the functionalities required for this type of space. All you need to do is plan ahead the areas of the available space and distribute the furniture in the most practical way possible.

The arrangement will require unconventional thinking and precise planning. Built-in furniture and custom-made pieces, various ways to include home appliances, multifunctional parts - here are just a few of the choices you'll have to use to make the result match one's needs.

In order to illustrate and better understand the concept of fitting a small kitchen in different types of spaces, we propose some kitchen ideas in the gallery pictures representing different types of decorations that will help you shape your own kitchens.

Browse through ingenious solutions such as fitting appliances to furniture, space-fitting parts and folding or extending tables, up to suspended furniture and shelves in place of bulky cabinets, smooth, glossy, white-washed surfaces, and walls used in ingenious storage ways.

You'll notice that although the space of these kitchens is small or very tight in some places, no design is lacking in style. Each decoration has its own part of the charm, which shows us no matter how small a kitchen can be, besides its functionality it can be tastefully arranged, the time spent here is a pleasant activity, not a burden.

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